Let's do this, Altadena!


On July 19th, I filed my paperwork with Los Angeles County, to officially become a candidate for the library board this November. I knew about all the forms, but I didn’t know I’d feel the way I did.

I've never run for elected office before, and in the middle of a lot of bureaucratic form filling-out, it turns out that there's a really lovely part of the process.

You sign a pledge promising to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the state of California, and another one promising to follow fair and respectful campaign practices (that second one is optional, but obviously I think that's how things ought to be).

I loved signing those forms. It reminded me that for all the times that it's easy to be depressed or upset with the current state of affairs, or to lose hold of our hope or our optimism, we do live in a remarkable country.

It's incredible to me that I can walk into the LA County offices and put my name on a ballot, as a citizen who wants only to make her community a better place. This is a freedom not afforded to everybody the world (and certainly not to all women!), and I felt a real moment of gratitude for all the good things that are true about our American political process.

And so: I'm official! You can see the status of everyone who's filed with the county here - filing closes August 10th, so the deadline is fast approaching for anyone else who's still considering filing.

And if you are still thinking about it, I'll tell you this: it's both humbling and inspiring. I don't know that it gets much better than that.